Library Rules

Membership is open to all the Staff and the students of M.D.S.D. Girls College, Ambala City.  Library books are issued on Library Membership I-Card.

  • 02 books students can borrow on Library Membership I-Card
  • 05 Books students can borrow under Book Bank Facility
  • 08 Books Teaching Staff can borrow for Full Semester
  • 03 Books Non-Teaching Staff can borrow
  • Books will be issued for a period of 14 days. Delay will entail a fine of Rs. 1/- per day.
  • Student on leave must arrange for the return of books in time.
  • Books issued from the library must be kept very carefully and in no case be underlined or disfigured. If the book is already damaged in any form, it should be brought to the notice of the Librarian before getting the book issued, otherwise, the person who returns the book will be held responsible for the damage.
  • Reference books, rare books and periodicals shall not be issued except for consultation in the Library premises.
  • Students must carry their Identity Card with them whenever they enter the College Library. They can be refused admission to the library or can be turned out of the Library if they fail to produce their Identity Card on demand.
  • Students are expected to read the Notice issued from time to time by the Principal/Librarian. No excuse will be entertained for ignorance.
  • Students are expected to observe perfect silence in the Library and not disturb others in any way.


All final year student members should get “No Dues Certificate” (NOC) from the College Library. The Course Completion/Mark Sheet, Degree Certificate will be given only on production of the NOC from the Library.

Similarly, the staff members who intend to leave the College should settle all the dues including the ID cards and obtain a “No Dues Certificate” (NOC) from the College Librarian.

Loss of Books

Loss of books, if any, should be reported to the library immediately and it should be replaced with a new copy along with a levy of overdue charges if any. In case the borrower is unable to replace the books that are lost, he will be levied a penalty two times the cost of the book plus overdue charges, if any.

Working Hours

The working hours of the College Library are as under:

8:30a.m - 3:30p.m

Library Staff

Dr. Kaushal Chauhan


M.D.S.D. Girls College Ambala City
Mo: 7988696403; 9996601166