Best Practices

Best Practice -1

Women empowerment: M.D.S.D Girls College aims at the blend of thinking, innovation and empowerment. Fashion and textile department of the college has established an incubation center which has empowered women by teaching garment construction. It is a a skill vocational center which runs free of cost as well as with optimum utilization of high grade infrastructure having 26 sewing machines, 19 dummies, 3 cutting tables, umbrella machine, interlocking machines and fashion maker machines At first this center empowers our own students and train them in various aspects of garment construction . Then the center empowers underprivileged women by teaching them skill oriented courses. In the past five years more than 100 women were trained in garment construction and now these women run their own successful boutiques. These women are facilitated with livelihood. These poor women trainees were given sewing machines to assist them in starting their own business. This INCUBATION CENTER is open for all and provides facilities to the common women to show their abilities in the field of creation and do something innovative.

Best practice 2

Book bank: M.D.S.D Girls College facilitates students with book bank for their academic pursuits semester –wise.  Book Bank is a separate section in the library, from where a student can take text book, reference books and other miscellaneous books. A student has to write an application to librarian recommended by Principal to avail this opportunity and college doesn’t take any security money from them too. Book Bank helps students to fulfill their scholastic dreams.  The aim of this practice is to provide ample opportunities to the students to gain knowledge. This practice also provides informational and educational assistance to students for their career advancement.