Current Status and Profile of College

The college is affiliated to Kurukshetra University, and run by Shri Sanatan Dharam Sabha which also manages five other educational institutions. It is Located in an urban area in a campus extending over 1.64 acres, this College is aided by the Government of Haryana and offers B.A., and B.Com. Courses. With nearly 532 students, 26 teachers (20 full-time and 6 part-time) and 14 Non-teaching staff, this College has been serving the cause of education of women with a view not only to assist them to acquire degrees but also develop their talents and skills in different areas so that they are in a position to face life with confidence and courage. The college offers its students modernized academic and infrastructural facilities, individual attention, provisions for various co-curricular activities, programmes for career guidance and placements. The college has been recognized by the UGC under 2(b) and 12(f).The aim is to provide individual opportunities for social advancement through the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge. The college has a dedicated and sincere faculty for whom the academic interests of the students are of utmost importance and can boast of consistently excellent results in the University examinations, far surpassing the University average. Teachers are always ready to support and encourage the students in other activities as well. A cordial yet informal teacher-student relationship exists creating an atmosphere conducive to all-round progress while also laying emphasis on overall personality development. Seminars and Workshops are an integral part of the departmental activities and renowned academicians and statesmen have found it pleasurable to associate themselves with the proceedings of this college. Most of the teachers are engaged in research work at the doctoral and post- doctoral levels furthering their own education simultaneously.  Therefore, the ultimate goal of our college is to modernize our students into good and ideal global citizens. In our college, we offer different under – graduate courses in a way that the students can obtain a basic knowledge, expertise, skill and capability to fulfil their prime physiological and other economic needs in life and can also equip themselves with the basic human qualities like ethical values, aesthetic sense, social responsibility and awareness, creativity, openness of mind, honesty, truthfulness and love for others which are essentials of Sanatan Dharam. We also organize NSS, NCC, Women Cell, Red Cross, Red Ribbon Programmes on regular basic for physical fitness and mental health of the students and to raise a sense of love within them for the nation. Keeping in mind the local, regional and national needs, the college has, from time to time, introduced new courses and upgraded the existing courses. MDSD Girls College is whole-heartedly dedicated to the all-round development of the students by imparting value-based, liberal, modern and self-reliant education.