With the motive of inculcating social responsibility amongst the pupils of M.D.S.D Girls College and imbibing the motto of “Not me but you” of NSS, the college has set up a two units of NSS Cell. The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Sector Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. It provides opportunity to the student youth at various level to take part in various government led community service activities & programmes. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service. NSS units at M.D.S.D Girls College undertakes community activities like, blood donation camps, adoption of slums, polio vaccination camps, adult literacy drives and other environment friendly initiatives etc. The unit has been envisioned to foster a sense of commitment, devotion, discipline and nationalism among students.

Motto: “Not me but you”

Benefits of Being a NSS Volunteer:

A NSS volunteer who takes part in the community service programme would be a great socialist. Being an active member these student volunteers would have the exposure and experience to be the following:

  • an accomplished social leader
  • an efficient administrator
  • a person who understands human nature
  • a talented supervisor
  • gain knowledge about different people from different walks of life
  • personality development

Activities (2020-21):

  • Celebration of International Yoga Day: On 21st June International Yoga day was celebrated. First of all NSS volunteers participated in Yoga Camp organized by Bhartiye Yog Sansthan. After that the volunteers participated in DHE’s programme ‘ Har Ghar Yoga’ and shared their yoga postures on social media.
  • 19th July tree plantation drive was launched by NSS units of the college in collaboration with Rotary Club Ambala Central. More than 200 saplings were planted in adopted villages Garnala , barnala and Dhankor.
  • Harit Haryana Programme: NSS units of the college participated in the Harit Haryana Programme launched by the department of higher education. The programme was inaugrated by forest officer Sh. Manir Gupta on 10th August. More than 100 saplings were planted by volunteers in and around their residences and photographs were shared  through app of the department.
  • On 15th August independence day was celebrated in the campus by NSS unit. Principal of the college Dr. Kiran Angra hosted the flag and national anthem was sung by all present. On this day the following activities were organised by NSS. Principal of the college congratulated all present on the independence Day. An online patriotic song competition was also organised by NSS.
  • On 21st August senior citizen day was celebrated by NSS with the inmates of jivandhara old age home of Ambala City. Principal and one of the members of Rotary Club Ambala Central Mamchand  Gupta cut the cake along with the senior citizens of old age home. Principal of the college guided the students that the we should respect elderly people. The NSS volunteers  presented a cultural program for the senior citizens.
  • NSS unit of the college participated in fit India movement program of department of higher education on this occasion different activities were organised like poster making competition, yoga competition, walkathon a large number of NSS volunteers participated in it
  • On 12th September Rotary Club Ambala Central donated 1000 sanitary pads and NSS units of the college distributed it to the female residents of adopted slum area Ravidas Majri.
  • On 11th October NSS volunteers along with the principal, teachers and non teaching staff of the college participated in covid-19 Jan andolan abhiyan. The members of the college took up pledge that they will follow the norms of covid-19 like they will wear mask, maintain social distancing, wash their hands or sanitize them on this occasion.  Principal Dr. Kiran Angra told the participants that prevention of covid-19 is a social responsibility of all of us and we should do our duty sincerely. NSS programme officer Seema Agarwal and Mrs Reenu Sharma organise this activity
  • On 27th October NSS units participated in vigilance awareness week under the heading smart Bharat samridh Bharat. All the NSS volunteers and college staff took a pledge that they will fight against the corruption. Dr. Kiran Agra, principal of the college told that corruption is a big obstacle in our progress and we should make efforts jointly to fight against it
  • On 30thOctober  National integration day was celebrated by NSS. The Principal, staff  and NSS volunteers took a pledge that they will work for uniting our country.
  • On 19th November NSS unit organised an online webinar in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Education on the topic ‘vocational education and experiential learning a way of life’. MGNCRE CHAIRMAN DOCTOR WG PRASANNA KUMAR, chairman of Rashtriya Gramin Shiksha Parishad participated in this webinar as a chief guest. Shatrughan Bhardwaj, director vocational education nai talim experiential learning Dr Dinesh Rana, coordinator of NSS KUK and Sh. Mohan Lal Sharma from Himachal Pradesh participated as resource person. Different resource persons give their views regarding the importance of vocational education in today’s world. Dr. Prasanna Kumar give his views on new education policy. He told that new education policy aimed at making the society self dependent.
  • On 25th November constitution day was celebrated by the NSS units of the college. An Essay Writing Competition was organised  on the topic Human Rights and Duties. A large No. of volunteers participated in it. Principal, Teachers and NSS Volunteers took a pledge to respect the constitution of India.
  • On 25th Dec, 2020 Christmas day was celebrated by NSS units. Christmas Tree was decorated and a Slogan Writing competition was organized on the topic environment protection.
  • On 12th January lohri was celebrated in collaboration with Rotary Club Ambala Central at kasturba Gandhi Red Vikas school . NSS volunteers cultural program along with the students of the school.  Principal Dr. Kiran Angra explain the importance of lohri celebration. Rotary Club Ambala Central donated socks and caps to the  poor students. NSS unit distributed moongphali and rewari to the students
  • On 23rd January on the birthday of Subhash Chandra Bose guest lecture was organised by NSS associate professor  Karamjeet Kaur of history department giveaway a detailed knowledge on the life Subhash Chandra Bose. She told about the contribution of Subhash Chandra Bose in  getting freedom for India
  • On 26 January NSS unit, NCC unit and Red Cross units of the college organised the Republic Day in collective mode on online mode.  More than hundred volunteers participate in it. First of all principal of the college highlighted the importance of this day. After that NSS programme officer Seema Aggarwal presented her views regarding Republic Day.Volunteers of NSS and NCC also present their views on this day.
  • On 4th February NSS unit in collaboration with Rotary Club Ambala Central and Innerwheel club celebrated world cancer day online mode. Dr. Brigadier Rajeshwar Singh from Paras hospital Panchkula guided the volunteers about the main causes of cancer and measures we can take for the timely detection of cancer.
  • Road safety week was celebrated by the NSS volunteers under traffic education centre.  A number of activities were organised during this week like rangoli competition, declamation contest on this occasion. Commissioner of Ambala Mrs Gauri participated as chief guest
  • The seven days NSS Special camp of MDSD Girls College was organized from 22 February 2021 with the prior approval of KUK NSS Co-Ordinator. Camp was organized in the college campus by keeping in mind the security of students and vicinity of adopted areas. Proper arrangements were made by the college for day camp.
  • Inauguration of the camp was done by Principal Dr.(Mrs.) Kiran Angra on 22 February 2021. Principal motivated the volunteers with her words and gave her best wishes for making the camp a great success. The Program officers Mrs. Seema Aggarwal and Mrs. Reenu Sharma told the volunteers about the schedule of seven days camp and gave differ duties to volunteers to enhance the leadership qualities of volunteers. Volunteers were divided in different groups according to the duties assigned to them. Different tasks like newspaper reading, pot decoration etc. were also given to the volunteers under the guidance of principal Dr. Kiran Angra. The inaugural session started with the NSS Song. Followed by Yoga class worked out in collaboration with BhartiyaYog Sansthan Ambala City. The president of BhartiyaYog Sansthan Sh. M.K Swami explained the volunteers about the importance of yoga specially for the women and gave demo of various yoga assnas, there after volunteers did yoga with them. There after volunteers are going to adopted areas for awaring them about ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’. All the volunteers aware the peoples by rally. Afterwards Dr Kaushal Chauhan delivered their valuable lecture related to e-books, e-library, N-list, E-journal and national library how it work. Now a days there is no need to go to library physically we can get our e-book online at any place any time.The feature of E-library is that it is open 24 hrs. We can get our books and enjoy the learning at our comfortable places. After that Mrs. Nishu Bansal delivered a Lecture to all the students regarding Online examination, how to give the exams online, how to fill the forms, pdf and how to upload the pdf in form. All these information is given to students so that they don’t face any difficulties in their exams. After, the lunch was served to the volunteers after enjoying the meal break. Mrs Seema Agarwal instruct all the volunteers about the road safety. How to be safe on road while walking, travelling on the road. All the students participate in rangoli making competition regarding road safety. After that Mrs. Reenu Sharma gives her skills classes of harmonium to the volunteers so that they should know the skill of harmonium they believe that the students should be multi talented so that they shine everywhere they go.
  • 23-2-21 Today on second day of NSS camp the members of the BhartiyaYog Sansthan organized a Yoga Class from 9:00-10:00 a.m. In this the members taught the students different types of Aasan pranayam. After yoga class the best out of waste class is organized where Damandeep Kaur taught the students how they make the best products from waste materials. Afterwards the volunteers gone to adopted areas where they aware the people regarding ‘BETI PADHAO BETI BACHAO’. They aware the people’s by the rally from college campus to the adopted areas. Where volunteers aware people by slogans, posters. Afterwards Mrs. Nishu Bansal tell the students about different  vocational courses like cosmetology  where we can do value added courses of cosmetology and in that they provide the knowledge of beauty, hair, face and skin. This course is value added course where we get extra knowledge aspect from studies. After this the lunch is served to the volunteers and volunteers enjoyed the meal alot. After taking meal the knowledge of online banking is given by the SBI staff members to the volunteers regarding the online banking, investment, FDI, TD etc where they provide the knowledge how we use online banking at any place anywhere without going physically to the branch office. After that the team members come from Ganpati house of achievers to provide the knowledge of IELTS, PTE, Spoken English. For this the team take a proficiency test where they want to check the mindset of the students that how much amount of knowledge about the English language the students had. They give a brief about the IELTS, PTE to the students. They also provide different scholarship to the students who pass the proficiency test.
  • 24-2-21: Today again volunteers started their day with yoga class from 9:00-10:00am. In this volunteers were taught other asans (vajar asan, padma asan, shah asan etc.)After yoga class  Dr Joginder taught the volunteers about the health issues how to prevent from that they provide the diet chart to the volunteers so that they don’t suffer from any of health issues they taught how to be more productive with a good diet. They also tell about how to retain memory by eating a good and healthy diet. In the presence of Joginder, Mrs Seema Agarwal, Mrs Reenu Sharma the plants were planted in the college campus garden.  So that the greenery should be everywhere and from plants we get good air, sunlight and the most important Oxygen. Planting plants also provide a healthy environment to society. After this the lunch was served to the volunteers. After taking meal the cosmetology class was conducted by  Miss Shama. They taught the students about the straightening of hairs and how to prevent your hairs from straightening. They tell about the prescribed temperature for straightening of hairs. After this they also provide knowledge of how to do waxing. They also provide knowledge of the types of wax. Which is best for our own uses. After this class the fire station department authority provide knowledge of the safety regarding fire. How to prevent from fire when it is arise in our houses or by nearby areas. They taught the methods how to rescue from fire and all the precautions regarding fire safety.
  • 25-2-21: Today again volunteers started their day with  Yoga Class from 9:00-10:00. In this volunteers were taught other  Aasnas (Surya namaskar, pranayam, Shavaasan, Padama Aasan etc.) After yoga,  First Aid class was conducted. Iin this Mrs Kiran Kashyap taught about different bandages and how to rescue a person from fire, accident. After the class, lunch was served to the volunteers. After enjoying their lunch and some rest volunteers going to the cosmetology class where the teacher taught about the basic make-up. Every girl should have a basic knowledge of makeup so they can do by their own. .
  • 26-02-21- At the beginning of the fifth day after yoga classes in which they practiced shavaasan, suryanamaskar, Padamaasan and vajaraasan. . After this the Gynecologist taught the volunteers about the health issue, white discharge, Pcod and how we prevent from this diseases. We can prevent by consuming a good and healthy diet. They also tell the benefits of yoga and physical exercise which help us to stay fit and healthy. After this the lunch was served to the volunteers after enjoying meal the first aid class was conducted where they taught about the basic CRP, checking, heart stroke etc and how to do this to the person who need at time of urgency. After this cosmetology class is conducted where they taught about the facials, massage, skin care, deep cleansing, acne etc. They also provide a demonstration of facial to the students. After this class all the volunteers visited to the old age home where the volunteers spend their time with old age peoples. The volunteers also entertain the old age people by singing, dancing, jokes etc. The NSS volunteers also distributed the bananas and oranges in old age home.
  • 27-02-21-  On the sixth day in yoga class the instructors taught  the volunteers about meditation and yoga. They said meditation increases the concentration and retention power of volunteers. After this the NSS song was sung by volunteers afterwards the ‘Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan’ survey was done in adopted village Garnala/Barnala.  Door to door survey was done by all the volunteers. On this day a dental check up camp was organized in the campus for the residents of adopted area. A well known dentist checked-up the volunteers. Tooth brushes, paste and salt were also distributed to the patients.
  • 28-02-21- This was the seventh and last day of the camp. Volunteers were very excited. In the yoga class they shared their experiences about yoga and told about what effects they feel in that seven days. After this the volunteers were gone to Janetpur and Khatauli villages for survey of Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan. After this Dr. Kiran Angra (Principal) of our college gives their blessing to all the volunteers for the future and after this the seven day NSS Camp came to finish for this year.
  • On 8th March – Women day was celebrated by NSS unit of the college. In this program first of all medical checkup camp was organised in which Dr. Jitendra Mendiratta tested the  blood sugar and HB  of the volunteers and staff .After that recreation activities were organised for the  female staff of the college.
  • On 16th April – Fire Safety day was celebrated by NSS. Officers. From fire station Ambala City gave lecture on types of fire and the methods of controlling fire.
  • Workshop on Guidance and counseling of corona victims and their family members: An online workshop on the topic Guidance for Psychosocial Counselling for COVID-19 Positive Patients and their Family members. Mrs. Seema Aggarwal and Mrs. Reenu Sharma worked as resource persons in this workshop. 104 participants were there in the workshop. The resource persons guided the volunteers about psychosocial counseling in their regional language i.e. Hindi and English. Mrs. Seema Aggarwal in her lecture explained the meaning of psychosocial counseling, who can counsel, skills and principles of counseling, analog of the counseling and protection of the volunteers themselves, resource person also told the students how they can counsel the Covid patients in digital mode as well . Resource person tried to explain the concept with the help of day to day examples. Volunteers and the faculty members actively participated in the discussion. The principal of the college Dr. Mrs. Kiran Angra appreciated the efforts of the resource persons. Overall this workshop proved very fruitful.