Environmental Club

Environment Club enable members to actively lead and participate in the environmental activities and take personal action to contribute to climate change mitigation. The Environment club is a voluntary group comprising of students and teachers which promotes participation of students in learning about and working towards the conservation and sustainability of their environment. The Club members are trained to become youth leaders who connect through formal efforts with other schools and external organisations to create awareness about the environmental related issues threatening the cleanliness of water bodies, existence of biodiversity and earth’s natural resources by converting waste that would usually be disposed of in landfill and incineration facilities and is diverted for recycling. It also aims to sensitize the students on different environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, pollution, deforestation, endangered species, exploitation of natural resources, ozone depletion, etc.

Motto: "Go Green"


  • To raise awareness among students so that they understand environmental issues.
  • To install a sense of responsibility for the environment and a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment.
  • To educate and cultivate an appreciation and interest in the environment.
  • To motivate the students to keep their surroundings clean.
  • To promote water conservation and energy conservation.
  • To educate waste management.
  • To organise tree plantation programmes to go green.
  • To avoid and minimise the usage of plastics.
  • To create awareness on Rain water harvesting.